Dek Hockey


Dek hockey, also known as street hockey, is a running game similar to ice hockey except body checking is not allowed.  Running, stick handling, passing, and shooting are the basic qualities which provide for a fast and exciting game.  Leagues and tournaments are played in official rinks on an all-weather playing surface and under the Official Street/Dek Hockey rules.  Play consists of 3 periods with officiating and score keeping using lightweight equipment designed for a fast paced, action packed game under an official set of rules, organized leagues, and rink facilities.  The sport is played by boys and girls in a variety of age divisions from 4 to 40 years old and brings together over 500 teams and 10,000 players yearly.  For more information on the development of the game, click HERE.



The objective of the Hosanna House Dek Hockey Program is to provide a facility used to foster good health and a healthy lifestyle for children in the Wilkinsburg and surrounding communities.  Introducing dek hockey to the youth of our community through organized physical activity promotes fun and sets a foundation for key values that will benefit children throughout their lives and enables them to compete with their peers in society.  Ultimately, the goal is to assist youths un staying healthy and leading healthier lives.  Hosanna House has the only dek hockey that has been established at a non-profit multi-purpose facility with a variety of offerings such as a swimming pool and basketball and tennis courts.

Hosanna House mission is to pursue the attainment of the mission statement established by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and Highmark for Project Power Play, which is to actively promote physical well being, encourage teamwork, stress the value of education, and provide essential life skills to young people in our community though youth hockey and other activities.  Hosanna House will use the following strategies to attain these mission goals:

  • Incorporate dek hockey activities in Hosanna House's after school programming for Wilkinsburg youth  in middle/high school
  • Incorporate dek hockey activities in Hosanna House's 9-week day camp for youth ages 6-13
  • Promote the development of dek hockey programming within the Wilkinsburg School District, Sister Thea Bowman School, Pittsburgh Urban Christian School, Boys & Girls Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, and other local youth-focused organizations

Various articles have pointed out the following benefits related to youth and sports:

  • Increased social skills between peers and adults
  • Greater independence and confidence
  • Positive self image
  • Better health
  • Proficiency in physical skills - coordination, speed, strength, and endurance
  • Growth as future leaders
  • Proper cooperation and competition skills
  • Responsibility and decision making skills
  • Properly express and understand emotions
  • Develop an interest in continuing sports as an adult


Target Audience

Hosanna House Dek Hockey League targets children and youth, ages 5-18.  Currently, Hosanna House provides the following programs, which children and youth are key recipients of services:

  • Early childhood education - Through our Child Development Center, we offer early childhood education services for pre-school age children as well as after school programming for youths in grade school up to 6th grade
  • Youth mentoring and leadership training - We offer a 9-week summer day camp for youth ages 6-13 years old as well as after school programs for youth in 7-12 grades that include leadership training and learn to swim classes
  • Permanent supportive housing - We offer supportive housing and caser management for families of homeless, female, single parent, heads of household with disabilities

In addition to the above services, there are other various non-profit and youth organizations that utilize Hosanna House pool and recreation facilities.



If you are interested in being a coach, referee, or other volunteer, please go to our Volunteer Contact Page and fill out the form.  Please be certain to mention Dek Hockey in the project field and list your interest and skill level in the skills field.



For more information, please contact us at or (412) 342-1340.