Crescent Project before...


Photograph provided by Robert Dorsett Studios

Proposed Crescent Project


Crescent Project

Revitalization Objective

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency recently awarded Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation tax credits for the Crescent Apartments project, a 27-unit restoration development of two historic structures in the Hamnett Place neighborhood of Wilkinsburg.  This $9 million dollar project will be the largest to date in Wilkinsburg, and will have a transformative effect on Hamnett Place, which is soon to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Crescent and Wilson House will have a community room, a computer facility, and all units will be hard wired for high speed internet. Social services will be provided by Hosanna House both on and off-site.


Housing Scope

The Crescent and the Wilson House renovation projects in the Hamnett Place neighborhood of Wilkinsburg represent one of the largest restoration projects in Wilkinsburg to date.

The restoration of these two buildings will bring 27 units of affordable housing back to Wilkinsburg, with 23 units in the Crescent Apartments and four units in the Wilson House.  These buildings were highlighted as essential components of the rejuvenation of the Borough in the Wilkinsburg Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (WNTI), a planning document which had significant input from local residents, Wilkinsburg stakeholders, borough government, and PHLF.

Located at key locations in the Hamnett neighborhood, both buildings will serve as a beachhead of strength, and will promote further economic development and restoration activities throughout the neighborhood.  The project will include development features such as an on-site community room, an on-site computer facility, an on-site management office, laundry room, storage areas for tenants, internet accessibility in all units, energy star appliances, and supportive services offered on-site and off-site by Hosanna House.

Hosanna House's Supportive Service Scope

Supportive services, or service enriched housing, involve the integration of a social service system into the ongoing operation and management of low-to-moderate income housing. The resulting supportive environment contributes to a stable resident population and decreased management costs. Secondary benefits include improved maintenance within apartments, improved relations between management and residents, and increased resident satisfaction. These benefits have resulted in protection of property values through improved unit maintenance, a more stable resident population, and the increased marketability of service enriched housing. Hosanna House’s services are directed at enhancing the quality of life of residents through a variety programs and services. Services will include open access to educational and employment services, health and wellness programs, child and youth services, social and recreational activities, life skills including household maintenance, parenting, and budgeting, and outreach on human services available throughout the community. Supportive services are to begin when 50% of the housing units are occupied. Term of agreement is 15 years.