The Hosanna House 300

Filling the Gap:  The 300 Community


Hosanna House has become a beacon for the community; a haven for children and families.  The needs are great but so is our determination to meet them.  As a not-for-profit organization, we are dependent on the support of our generous donors every year.  As we rise to the challenge of serving our children, we must answer a different kind of question.....


What if our funding falls short?


We can't let that happen.  That's why we are creating a special kind of group:  "The 300 Community" - a group of 300 people who are willing to stand with us to ensure that we can pay for the services our children receive from Hosanna House on a daily basis.  300 people, each pledging to donate $300 per year, will enable us to close the gap in our budget to provide these services.


This exclusive community will receive:

  • Invitation to all Hosanna House signature events
  • Name listed on Hosanna House materials and website

You can register by completing the 300 Community registration form below or by calling our Development Department at (412) 342-1281.  Please respond as soon as you can to make a difference in a child's life by becoming a member of the 300 Community.  Thank you!


300 Community Registration Form

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