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Fitness and Wellness Center

The Hosanna House Fitness and Wellness center provides supportive health advisors, workshops and classes that focus on obesity, nutrition and high-risk diseases.  Open to the community, our aim is to provide a comfortable atmosphere, modern equipment and educational materials to help support your fitness needs.


The center is open from 12pm-8pm, Monday - Friday.



  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Cardiovascular training equipment
  • Toning equipment
  • Fitness coach
  • Fitness assessments
  • Resource center
  • Wellness workshops
  • Nutrition information


  • Learn to swim (for elementary student)
  • Line dancing
  • Young Adults Volleyball
  • Family swim
  • Zumba fitness
  • Water aerobics
  • Group fitness classes


Registration Information

  • Fill out the online enrollment form or print and return the completed enrollment form to one of the health coaches.
  • Print and have your doctor fill out the medical clearance form.
  • You will receive a health and fitness assessment to establish your level of wellness and create a family history.
  • You will have an interview with one of the health coaches after all initial assessment activities are completed.
  • You will be assigned a health advisor who will meet with you to establish your personal fitness goals.

Forms can be mailed to the following address:


Hosanna House

ATTN: Anjelica Willams

807 Wallace Avenue

Wilkinsburg, PA 15221


You may also fax your form(s) to (412) 243-7733.

Fitness Center Schedule

Fitness Center is open from 8a-8p, M-F.


Please see our calendar for specialty classes and times.


Fitness Center schedule is subject to change without notice.  Zumba and Water Aerobics classes have a fee of $2 per class, payable that day before entering the class.  For more information, please contact Anjelica Williams, Director of Fitness and Wellness, at (412) 342-1338 or wellness@hosannahouse.org.